How to make a return to last checkpoint button?

so i need to do this without respawning as the player will probs lose all their items whilst returning to checkpoint cuz of my map settings but b4 u say ¨why dont you just put shops next to the checkpoints¨ it takes up too much space and i need it to be more decorative

I think I should ping shdwy or The_7th_Dragon.

@Shdwy can you help with this?

maybe use game overlays. have a button that shows up once a checkpoint is activated, and hidden once the next is activated. place teleporter exits at each checkpoint, and have them correspond to the buttons.

does this make sense?


yeah, that might work. I will now go test it in GKC.

game overlay that will need to change every time you have a new checkpoint, but then teleport when you press it

yep, that’s what I was thinking too : )

Or just respawn the player.

they dont want to respawn, to not lose the items

they said that wouldn’t work because of their map settings.

Ok. The teleporter should work then.

Guys, school’s out! Meaning I can help, but I might be off and on (due to Homework).

I mean i would just go with the overlay because if you stack multiple overlays then it goes with the last overlay made

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yeah deactivating and activating the overlays would be good, and i think it would work…I’ve used that before


Same… its not that hard either

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right, it only takes 2 wires/ channels per change.


and depending on how many checkpoints there are, it wont be that bad, the only hard part is remembering which one goes where

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channels would probably be more helpful when it comes to that then, you could do something like on1+off1 on2+off2, etc.

yes, but which overlay was 1? ooop wait that one was two time to delete that wire urrrghh pain

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