How to make a respawn.. when you died

I want to make it where when they die they spectate

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Team switcher.
Lifecycle when play is knocked out Switch to spectators

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Connected to lifecycle

(Lifecycle) Player Knocked Out —> (Team Switcher) Switch Player To Configured Team

Set the Team Switcher to Spectators.

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Use a knockout manager since it’s less memory.

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@30j I had the same issue, but I resolved it by doing these steps.

Get lifecycle. In lifecycle go to event. Next click game start and change it to Player Knocked Out. That is all you need for the lifecycle. Next get the Team Switcher. In the team switcher go to where it says switch strategy, and click where it says Random Team. Change Random Team to Specific Team. Then another box should pop up underneath the switch strategy saying Spectators. And that is where you should leave it. You have a full functioning spectator system.

Just don’t forget to mark a solution after you tested it

do connect them with wire

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