How to Make a #Resources Guide

A resources guide can help people navigate throughout the forum quite easily and can be a designated page to add your own content.

How to Make A resources Guide:

  1. Look for the guides you wish to create a tag for.

  2. [TL3 only] - Tag the topics with the tag you want to mark as a resource.

  3. Now create your guide. Here is the format:

# Resources
  1. Be sure to tag it with #[your-tag], resources , and wiki.
  2. Then, mark your post as a wiki. (You cannot make posts wiki if you are not TL3.)

This is how I was able to easily make resources guides on GKC.

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Isn’t this forum related and not allowed?

I will message @Jeffo in this case and ask if it’s ok.

The guide helps with quickly making guides, so I think it’s fine.

a resource for a resource for a resource… nice…