How to make a reporting system

How do you make it so one player can report another player?
EX: Bob is reporting Joe for trespassing
How do I make Bob get Joe, it seemed easy but now…

Any help? Well, I got to go but feel free to answer this question!

what do you mean by report

if you want to report a player go to

No, In-game

You could use something like the among us voting most people have
If the game is in free for all have it so each of their names are by a button, and when the button clicks a property goes up for the player thats name is there and then when it does a checker teleports the player that was reported to a “jail room” where they are stuck in

Button-relay for that players team
relay-teleports reported player

Oh, I could try the teams for free for all and then report the team with the player from relay! Thanks, I will try both ways but I have to go now.

Ok. Glad I could help
I will see if i can come up with anything else

if you are going to publish this game I am going to play it… XD

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Use this

or this (I don’t know how good this is for multiple players to use)