How to make a "Rent a weapon"! [3.5/10🟩]

Hi! Welcome to my guide! I will be showing you how to make a rent a weapon guide so when you buy it you have a specific amount of time to use it before it disappears! Lets get started you will need these items to start with these settings!
Screenshot 2023-12-19 3.44.21 PM

Lets start off with the first wire! The vending machine to the repeater! this starts the seconds counter! make sure in your counter the target is the time you want it to last for the player.

The next wire will be the Repeater to the counter so the counter is keeping track of the seconds you have had it for.

Now we wire the vending machine to the game overlay, because we want the player to know how many seconds they have left of their precious weapon. You can choose any object, I chose grapes.

Next, add a item granter so every second they have it their item that’s tracking goes down one (Ex. Have 30 grapes for 30 seconds)
Screenshot 2023-12-19 3.45.51 PM
So back to our first repeater with a task interval of 1.0 to wire, Repeater to item granter for the reason i explained just right now.

So, now that the player that has bought the item needs the item that’s tracking or else as soon as they buy it, it goes away. (Ex. Player buys item but has no grapes the second they but it, it gets taken away) For the solution of this problem is that as soon as they buy it they are given the resource so if you want them to last 60 seconds with the item give them 60 grapes and the counter target also has to be 60 seconds.

Now that when the counter reaches it’s target (The amount of seconds the player can only last with it) We want to hide the overlay because it is not needed anymore so we need this wiring to hide it.

Now we want so the counter resets after the amount of seconds lasted so we need a wire repeater.

Now this will be needed later and explained later because of wiring but you need a delay of 1.5 or 2 seconds.
Screenshot 2023-12-19 3.48.08 PM
Now we need another item granter to remove the weapon after its due date.
Screenshot 2023-12-19 3.48.48 PM
Now we need a checker to check the snowball launcher so even if the player gives the rented weapon to someone else it still detects.

Pretty self-explanatory when the time is up run the check to see if the weapon is in your hands or someone elses.

then, the check will pass because you rented the weapon then will delete it because of its due date.

This is what your wiring and devices should look like so far.

Now this check will see when your timer is up, it will hide the timer overlay.

Now so when the timer is up on the counter it will run the checker then hide the overlay.

And that’s pretty much it! you have made a rent a weapon system for your dungeon crawlers!

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