How to make a random vending machine. (Easy level)

This is showing you how to create a random item from a vending machine.

(please don’t type in the game-code, it is expired.)
You will not need the banana it is just so you can buy the item.

First you will need.
Screenshot 2024-04-20 5.46.00 PM

Screenshot 2024-04-20 5.50.44 PM

Set the teleporters that are in the room in a group.
EX: this is group b
Screenshot 2024-04-20 5.51.14 PM

Then set the extra teleporter to that group as target (For me it’s b)

Screenshot 2024-04-20 5.52.31 PM

Next put your item image and vending machine together like this, so the item image covers the vending machine (You will need to make the item image bigger).

Screenshot 2024-04-20 5.56.19 PM

This is so that they can’t see the item.

Now just set the vending machine to an item you want randomized, set another one to another item you want randomized, and there you go.

Screenshot 2024-04-20 5.57.29 PM

One final thing, this is IMPORTANT you need to set the description and text of the vending machine to something like “Mystery Item” or it will say the name of the item.

Final effects, you might want to make a spot that makes it a mystery some examples are:

Hope you enjoyed this :smile:

Remind me if I missed anything please.

Remember, to edit the j0in code.
Unless its expired

Wow, that’s cool! I love it. Difficulty is probably 0/10 or :white_small_square:

That doesn’t matter since the lobby wears off in an hour anyways

nice tutorial!