How to make a quest radio

This is how to make something like a radio. It shows this:
Screenshot 2024-03-17 12.33.58 PM

Step uno (one)

Make the action that causes you to get a message. Make it activate a loop. (Trigger or repeater, not a wire repeater.) Place a notifcation set to this:

Then, place a game overlay, not visible on game start, that shows when you recive the message. Make the game overlay a button

Step dos (two)

Every second, the loop I told you to make sends the notifcation that lasts for one second. (Loop happens -------> Send notifcation) Make the loop stop when you click the game overlay, and make the overlay hide. When you click the overlay, show the message. (Button pressed (game overlay) ---------> Open popup/notifcation.)

I think i’m done, tell me if you find a bug.
You can add whatever you want on it, this is an example:
Screenshot 2024-03-17 12.56.14 PM

It’s kinda short though…

How do I make it longer, though?

Maybe add what to put on the radio?
Different words etc

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