How to make a prop only damagable by a certain team?

So on a recent post I’ve made, I’ve got an idea to make a laser tag mini game in a map full of them. But when I try to put a protection around the safes to stop trolling team mates from damaging their own players base, I’ve put a relay that triggers when the mini game is selected, and deactivates the barrier for the other team so they can shoot the safe. However, in testing, this doesn’t work, and I can’t shoot the safe. Is there any other way that I can stop this or no? And if I didn’t explain all that well, then here’s some attached screenshots.

Are you on the team that can damage the safe in testing?

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Oh. Well try to delete your alt once your done since you might get banned. Okay i wonder what’s wrong.

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Yeah, I might have to. But I got this idea from another post under this same topic, however it just seems to not work.

Hmm. I’ll look into it. But I’ve got to go. Maybe some of the more technologically minded people on the forum will help you.

Alright. Thanks for helping, though.
And Im going to delete this acc right after this, so I wont be able to respond to anything till tomorrow

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Welcome to the forum, @That_guy!

Connect a lifecycle to a relay (choose the team you want to damage the prop) and connect the relay to show your prop. Make sure the prop/s scope is “team.”


Alt accounts are not allowed and are a big no for users to create. This can get you banned and I will have to report your alt account. Please read the guidelines so you know what is and is not allowed on the forum.

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I think @That_guy deleted the alt, they said they would.

I can not veiw if they did or did not, it looks like they did because their name is light grey. But I still told jeffo. The forum needs Discobot to tell new users to read the guidelines, that or a way that new users will see the rules.


Sorry, won’t happen again


Could you add pictures to better explain?

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