How to make a prop disappear after a certain time?

I’m making a game that you stock up on items in a grocery store, but i’m trying to figure out how to make the props disappear after a certain time so you have to restock them again. Any idea how to make them disappear after a certain time?

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Welcome to the forum, @Darkz341! To do this, you need to get a lifecycle, wire it to a repeater, change the task interval to 1.0 change the stop strategy to when receiving on channel, then wire the repeater to a counter with the wire setting as when repeater runs task increment counter. Change the target to the amount of seconds until you want the prop to dissapear. Then wire the counter to the prop with the wire settings target value reached → Hide prop.


This was so useful thank you!

Question, after the prop disappears the counter keeps going, how do i prevent that?

Either stop the repeater or reset the counter.

Welcome to the forum! If you want to make a timer to indicate when the props disappear in the corner of screen, use this

You can use the counter and the system that increments it that you already built instead of getting a new one.

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