How to make a promethean board! 0/10! ⬜

You guys know those big giant screens your usually on at school? I’m gonna make one. Guess I’m doing art more often.

Uses are in schools, or whatever, as long as it fits in your game! I won’t have any functions, so this would be just full prop. I have one in front of me, so, lets get started!

First get a blackboard, and cover it by a black barrier. I’ll be using the wide blackboard. I wouldn’t make it too black, something like this. (sentry for reference)
Screenshot 2024-02-29 8.07.36 AM

Great! Now copy your barrier, and make it smaller, then make it white. We’ll make a Google chrome browser. It should now look like this, I like the border on.

Screenshot 2024-02-29 8.08.48 AM

Now, copy the white barrier, and make it a little more grey, and put it at the top of the white barrier, like this. Remove Border.

Screenshot 2024-02-29 8.10.53 AM

Use Titan One font, and copy what I do. I used multiple text, and had a size of 50, and a stroke width of 2.

Blue is 0,191,255, red is 255, 0, 0, yellow is 251, 255, 0, and green is 30, 255, 0.

Screenshot 2024-02-29 2.29.41 PM

It’s done now! This is one of those wall ones. If you want one with the wheels, here. Copy this. No borders.

Screenshot 2024-02-29 2.32.51 PM

Ok! That’s it. That’s how you make one of those school promethean boards, with both variations. I hoped you enjoy this guide. This would be useful in school builds, so I hoped it helped you if you use this.

Guess I like doing art guides now! I’ll be making more soon! :slight_smile:

Optional! Three small squares, Red, Yellow, then green at the top of the browser.


random note:
it might be better making multiple art guides in one post this helps with clutter and maybe you can use themes


Can someone make me a wiki then? (you?)

So It can unclutter and I can have like different themes in the hide details, and it could be for the community too, if your feeling artsy that day.

i can. whats the name u want to use?

(Lol @Foxy )

sure what would you want it on?
@Caternaught lol I got pinged and didn’t see you


Uh, just a diversity of things. You could name it, Community Art Wiki, and we can have different themes of it. From school, military base, sci-fi, etc.

Oh the memories.

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