How to make a Pre-Game Intro (Very Easy)

Step 1: Add 1 barrier. Set it to black w/ or w/out an outline. Turn off collision. Put the barrier on the below layer.
Step 2: Add in text and put it in the below layer, but above the barrier.
Step 3: You can add any images you want with emojis. :grin:
Ignore the text in the image - it’s for a game I’m making
Step 4: Repeat as many times as necessary until you have all of the messages you need to tell people how to play your game. (ex: the goal of your game)

And… now you know how to make a Pre-Game Intro. Please rate the difficulty below.

  • So easy anyone could do it.
  • Ehh… decently hard.
  • Agh! It’s so hard I’m losing my mind.
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Wow! This is pretty cool! I can see many games using this in the future, keep it up!

:heart: Love it!

Thanks, @thatOneCringe and @C-C . I just got back on the forum after a few months, so I’m eager to jump back into things.


A useful guide: Bumpity Bump Bump

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Hi! Thanks for bumping my guide.

Np :smiley:


@Here_to_help, would you say that you’re the expert on the history of the forum? Are you free to help me with my Legacies of Gimkit game next week?

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Question: what would you say the numerical difficulty of this is?


Hey, can I help out with the forum history and the whole gimkit awards as well?


Maybe a 1/10.


K. Are you free to help next week, @ClicClac? This is for my Legacies of Gimkit game, not the awards, BTW.

Also, I just read your bio and I hope that we’re not going to be the last 2 OGs left by GKC’s 1st Anniversary. That would be kinda sad. :sob:

Yeah, I’m free next week!

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K. Thanks!

Do u think anyone will miss me if/when I retire? I’m going to take the summer off most likely.

Depends on how well known/liked you are. Only time will tell! Is there anything I can do to help out right now?

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200% we will
I will leave for the summer tho, cause VACATION!!!

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I would ask for help now but I have a HUGE project due in school - I procrastinated so I have to cram to finish it by Monday. After that, though, I’ll appreciate help.

I’ve been trying to establish myself with my Legacies of Gimkit, the Gimmie Awards, and the GimUN along with trying to help/honor the community, but I don’t think I’m too well-known. LOL

Thanks, @Epi320! I’m glad to know I’ll at least be a little missed - the Gimmie Awards, my game, and the GimUN will have to be my legacy once I’m gone.

I’ll come back after the summer, though to see how things progress in my absence. I’ll still try to run the GimUN, though.

SO do I
jk, i ussaully finish it due to my anxeity.
Oh well. We can hlp wiht the legacies of gkc if you need. Just host it and post link in forums. (dont give delete perms)
ill hlp out.

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What is the GimUN?

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It’s a supranational organization I created to unite the GKC organizations and help fix the forums.