How to make a "Power Surge" (Low memory usage)

This guide will focus on a power surge that
can be used in battle royale, pve, and more!
It also uses close to no memory because I am doing wire relays instead of repeaters
The finished product is Below, and it shows how little memory is being used.

Finished Product

First make a game overlay and make it a button
Next get a damage multiplier and tinker with it for the right time and damage
and connect the button to it
Next get a wire relay and connect in from the button to the relay
Next change the relay to the damage time plus a cooldown
Connect the relay back into the button to show
make a second wire relay and make the button connect to it
connect it back into the button to hide
Make sure it has 0 delay and that the button is on by default
Use the finish product image to check if you have done it correctly!

You have made the power surge! I think you know what games that have inspired this guide!


@California_Love, Thank you for liking the guide.

What does this power surge do?

It makes you have a damage multiply that has a cooldown.

Oh, would you mind if I used this in a map of mine. I will give you credit for it and I would be grateful.

more pics please

it’s a guide of course! It isn’t patented!

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What do you mean more pics, of what in it? I have some but it doesn’t make a lot of sense

Thanks for giving me credit btw!

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Yeah, I thought you had to. No problem.

Here are some images! i took them yesterday and it took them multiple times so it might not make as much sense, I don’t want to go through them.


![Screenshot 2024-04-09 9.37.21 AM|690x388](upload://mGsSRaysk2110vtITYczX


well not for me atleast, just could you give credit? I have never gotten credit to my knowledge and it would mean a lot if you gave some to me!

Oh yeah for sure. All guides I am using are going in a special category. Don’t worry dude, you will get your credit.

P.S. Block out the code to enter…

I deleted it, too much work for that little effect. I am trying to get to regular and I don’t wanna get flagged, even though they might understand that you weren’t explicitly trying to share a code. They may be more strict in the future if they add a hide code option.

The code is showing for the original too

The code is probably invalid by now.

Made it revert, I have had my laptop closed for a long timr

Does it matter if the code is valid or invalid

Noice guide except remember: [ 📢 PSA!] Pictures are powerful!