ᓚᘏᗢ How to make a popup question system FOR BEGINNERS🟩 ᓚᘏᗢ and people who hate questioners

the main reason i am making this is because a friend of mine was having trouble with this subject and i cant find any guides on it so i decided to make one!!

The few devices you will be needing will be… One button! And 2-3 Popup Devices!
yay so few…

  • OK so the first thing, you will need to do will be to place down the button and the 2-3 popups like this and i numbered them so you can tell them apart better

Now for the next step AKA step 2! yay

  • Alright, next connect the button to the popup labeled 1 and it should look like this
da picture ^0^

For the wonderful 3d step.

  • Add the questions you want to the popup labeled 1 like this
another picture

Step 4 AKA the dreaded step( T﹏T )

  • You need to add the call to actions to popup #1 you can have up to 2 call to actions
what it looks like

then add the call to actions to popup 1 you can have up to 2

Part five

  • then for popup 2 add the channel that activates it when the correct answer is clicked like this and don’t add any call to actions
details for the step

The final wonderful step!!!

  • then do the same for popup 3 but with the wrong answer channel connected to it like this
how it looks

that is all i have for this guide


change this to community made guides even though, yes, its about devices.

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this is actually very well written for a first guide! its easy to understand, and its good in general. This is a very useful guide for people who are VERY against questionneers.


thanks so much man i love the compliments


2-3 popups? why you can always spageti wire it

unneficients and ugly

opps typo i meant 1-2 responses

ugly to the map maker otherwise you cant see the wires

Cool! this is for people who absolutly hate questioners, because that, my friend, is about the same as a questioner.

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Suggestion: Name your drop-downs. You can edit the name NOT to be summary

(btw, nice guide)

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nice guide!

maybe add more description?

Yeah, I love using the popups to make it more interactive. Makes a great game.
Good things:
Good job on using pictures for every drop down arrow
Good job on using drop down arrows to make it less crowded
Need to work on:
Maybe make the post look more interesting than repetitive with the step one details step two details look.

Also put in more details.
Overall this is a pretty good guide

and I would rate this a 7/10. Great Job on your first guide!

Can you change the title to not include the emoji squares? Those are used for difficulty marking, not decoration.

fixed and done!! woohooo


very good guide! this is very useful

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This is useful to me because I HATE QUESTIONERS!!! YEAH!!!

This is much better!

Sadly, you can’t do typing answers (without making it super complicated).

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if gimkit adds typing in-game… oooohhhh