How to make a poppable itemgranter/powerup/checkpoint! :3

so the items you will need are

  1. circle barrier
  2. a repeater
  3. a circle zone
  4. item image device
  5. item granter/ or powerup system/or checkpoint

so first place down a barrier and make its transparency to as small as you can and then place an item image device and place it in the middle of the transparent barrier like this
then grab a circle shaped zone and make it barely larger than the barrier and have its settings like this

it is up to you whether you want to make the zone visible or not
then place a repeater and have its settings like this

and then hook up the item granter check point or power up system you want and then u are done! with all that have a good day! meow! :3
lemme know if there’s anything I should change or not


First! Great Guide! “Poppable” lol

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yeah I do kinda need to add special effects so it looks like its popping but that is just going bad oof ._.

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You get a good ‘ol :heart:.

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awesome! cool for power ups

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WikiDoodle BUMP!

ok but bumping shouldn’t be like, minutes after a guide is posted


maybe add a circle barrier in the interior like red or purple to look more like a power up

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yeh I considered that but was too lazy to deal with layering at that time

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