How to make a poison trap WIP

this will be short sadly I took inspiration from someone in the new update topic here we go.
and just so u know i instantly left after i published this topic so gamecode does not work

so first with the new device we can make an poison trap there are many ways to do this but first we gonna do two

the items you need for the first one.

a spawner obviously
some buttons
terrains with walls

the making of the first one

first put some random walls IDC what to block the terrain

put a spawn point in that and a damager
make sure spawn point set to this

put one big green chemical change the size and put it like this

now put it green bushes big and as many that can fill the room

and then move it all away
now do 8 buttons and put a teleporter

wire it with the correct button and do this

now for the rest of the buttons
first make sure all props are not visible on game start
and has no coillison

now wire them all up with the fake buttons
do this for all of the props
then wire the fake buttons with the damager device

add a zone wire it with all the fake button and damager

make sure zone not active on game start

and then put the props back and your done!
finished product

before you ask I got lazy because I couldn’t copy the wires for some reason so I just put it all back hopefully the second way is way much easier
but the finished product pretend it has all the wires connected together.
until I can wire it all together


Ok, Kool.

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