How to make a plant grow ⬜️

to show you how this works I’m going to show you how to make a plant look like its growing.

Although it’s hard to do, it is possible for you to make a prop look likes its moving.
what going to need.

4 relays
4 wire repeaters
1 button
1 very small ground breaking plant
1 small ground breaking plant
1 medium ground breaking plant
1 random ground breaking plant of your choice

  1. Set the button down, and attach a wire from the button to the wire repeater and set it to: [wait 0.1 seconds)
  2. Connect the repeater to a relay, and make the relay a transmit a transmission called: frame 1
  3. Duplicate the wire repeater and connect the original repeater to the new repeater with a wire.
  4. duplicate the relay
  5. Repeat step 3 and 4, two times, remember to change the frame number every time
  6. Place the very small ground breaking plant, go to availability and set the settings to how you see below

  1. Repeat step 7, three times, but using the plant-prop that is bigger every time you repeat, and changing the frame number for all the settings in the prop.
  2. for the final plant-prop leave the hide prop section empty
  3. Place all the plant-props on top of each other and test it out
  4. If doesn’t work make sure that all the show prop and hide prop settings are correct, and make sure it is not visible on start of game.

(I say transmission instead of channel because it easier)
(please let me know if anything doesn’t make sense, and I might be able to help you.)


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Great guide!

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