How to make a placement system at the end of the game? (resolved)

So, i’m making a pvp game, and I want it so that at the end of the game, it shows who died first, second, third, etc.
Like this…

How would I make it so that it shows who died first, second, third, etc.?

try end of game widgets!

you can make a counter count up constantly and stop when they die

this is done by having a lifecycle wired to a wire repeater with a 1 second delay. this is wired to a trigger, which is wired to the wire repeater.

One of those two is wired to increment a counter, which is set to update a property.
That property goes in the leaderboard. Get to the leaderboard by going to settings, map options, and then the score tab.

now, get a lifecycle and set it to ‘player knocked out’. Wire it to the trigger and make it deactivate the trigger

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thank you for this info! :blush:

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