How to make a PC In GKC(WIP)

So I am trying to step up my game on design and create more challenging and graphical projects, and this PC guide is the first one I’m doing. So this might be a bit to hard for newer users or users who aren’t great at designing but i will try my best to make it were everone is able to recreate this PC. So without further a due, here is how to make a PC in GKC.

Step one: Frame
To start out the PC you will need to get out 5 barriers colored(HEX 0R, 0G, 0B) and 2 Dark wood poles colored (HEX 0R, 0G, 0B). Next allign 4 of the barriers in a square shape, ( I would recomend using grid snap 32 for this part) and map the square shaped barriers 1 block thick.
Screenshot 2023-09-28 5.59.34 PM

Then add the 2 Dark wooden poles and angle them pointing like a triangle from the right side of the square. And add the last barrier at each end of the Dark Wooded Poles to give the PC its 3D shape.
Screenshot 2023-09-28 5.23.05 PM
And now you are done with the frame of the PC.

Step Two: Fans
To start with the fans you will need the following materials;

  • Metal Sign triangle-12 per fan
  • Circle Barrier-(HEX 0R, 0G, 0B)-1 per fan
  • Circle Barrier-(HEX 175R, 172G, 172B)- 1 per fan
    First you will enlarge the black circle barrier and then add the grey circle barrier in the center of the black one(shrink the grey barrier to small). Next add the metal signs in a spiral shape and allign the tips of the signs on the grey circle barrier. It should look like this’
    Screenshot 2023-09-28 5.45.38 PM

Then Copy the fan three times and allign them verticaly in the front section of the PC frame.
Screenshot 2023-09-28 5.49.59 PM

Then add one more to the top left of the PC Frame.
Screenshot 2023-09-28 6.24.43 PM

Step Three: Wires
Step Four: Buttons and Nobs
Step Five: Neon Lights
Step Six: Text and Logos

This is a work in progress and is not done, I am working on this as we speak. It should be finished by 10/1/23. If you like the work, don’t forget to share the love.:heart:


I like it but I’m out of likes :sob:

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Its ok, i just like that you like it, and there is still a LOT more for me to do on this.

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Wow, nice job so far! Like how do made the fans!

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Thanks, it will hopefully be really impresive and one of my best works.

Great post so far though! I love how you did the fans.


Hey guys, let’s get back on-topic here if you don’t want to get flagged.


Hey @WolfTechnology, I think it’s a little past 10/1. Do you have a plan to finish this?


Yes I do, but all progress have been paused because of my Gimkit the movie map that i am doing.