How to make a path that only one player can go through

There are different paths, but only one player can go through each of them.

Add a zone connected to a barrier, so when player enters zone, barrier activates.

Ok thank you for your reply.

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Make sure the barrier’s scope is set to player.

No, in this case it needs to be global

Guys which one???

Their solution is a bit undecided, so you can try this: wire the barriers to triggers, make them not visible on game start, and set them so that after they have been stepped on once, they deactivate.

Ok got it @wingwave u the best

Thanks so much! You are very nice! Anyway, I’m (almost) always here to help!

global, to block other people from going in

A solution’s already been made.

I know, I was just answering their question in case they ended up needing it.

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