How to make a overlay only visible to the host

i want to make an overlay thats visible to the host and lifecycles don’t work

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make a relay only activate for the host, and make that relay make the overlay show. Make sure to set the overlay settings to player. Mark this as a solution if this helps!

relays dont work for just hosts

change them to a different team and make the relay specifically for only that team and then change them back. There’s probably a simpler way though.

Lifecycles should work.

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Add a spawn-pad that is in an enclosed room with no access to other players and change the spawn-pad to only allow game-hosts to spawn there, you can then change a property or value when the gamehost enters which would activate the overlay, you can optionally add a teleporter which teleports outside the box.

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All of these ways work. You could use any one of these

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