How to make a odd number list to insert into a property after it turns into 1?

How to make a odd number list to insert into a property after it turns into 1?
Lets say a property becomes one - I want it to move to the next odd number 3 and so on.

Could elaborate on this and put the question in the body?


I’m assuming this is 3n+1. So you add a check for the number being one. If it is, then you add one to a property. Multiply that property by 2 add 1.

It goes to 3 - 7 instead of 3-5.

Oh yeah. Set the solve property to twice that new property (don’t change the count property) and then add one.

Which new property?

Idk which one you’re talking (and what I’m talking about), so I’ll just tell you again. Make a property called “count”. If the property you want to check is one, then you add one to count and then set the other property to (2*count) +1.

  1. I did something like that - it goes 3 to 7

Count starts at 0. What does the other property go to?

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Maybe, add it, and if number even, add 1.

So 0. If number even, add 1. So now its one. If number odd, add 1.

Could that work? So on and so forth.

Or if a number is odd, just add 2. Because an odd and an even always equals an odd

Those don’t work - it goes 1-22 for some reason

Do you need me to take a screenshot of the blocks for you? If so idk when I can do it.

Yes please - any time would be appreciated!

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Can ya’ll please stop breaking our minds? That would be appreciated.

After someone solves the other 2 that are out now - I’ll give you a week break from all of this - I promise.

Okay. Jsyk, I enjoy seeing Gimsolver’s reactions to this, and I actually try to understand this VERY complicated math. So this is very new to me.

Just tell us what this is for!