How to make a notification with a specific person's name on it

make a notification
go to blocks

go to for this device and put
“Send noification
Content” block
connect title (or content) to “create text with”
put the "triggering player’s name block down and connect to where you want it to go

put different texts where you want them to go
You done!

This is a very short guide

At least there is block code. But yeah two short.

This is very short like what @cellofive said, and can be flagged, also, I think there’s already a guide on this.

@Beluga_Whale , this extremely short like @GimSolver, @MOON, and @Cellofive said, if you do not want to get this flagger make it longer. There are also two guides with the same concept

@FusionLord I said it to.

Oops, sorry @MOON, I didn’t notice!

Sorry i just edited to make it more clear.

it doesn’t really matter :expressionless:

@GimSolver Yes it does. Okay maybe it doesn’t sorry. :sob:


It’s okay - we all want our fair share of credit some times!

well i didnt see…
ill still give credit to them tho :grinning: :grinning:

Hey i made one just like this!