How to make a notification alerting a team that a teammate from their team died

I really need help with a notification alerting a team that their team from their team died.

Example: 10 players are from team 1. Someone gets shot and dies and they were from team 1. So now, it’ll send a notification to team 1 saying that the teammate from team 1 died.

How do i do this?

Just relay it on a private channel to the rest of the team.

Yeah, but how do i make this kind of notification:

It needs to be only shown to team 1.

Using simple popups and a relay.

No, i mean like the USER FROM TEAM 1 WHO GOT KNOCKED OUT part from the notification needs to be the person’s username who got knocked out.

Wait… are you making a TRON map? Anyways, you would have to make block code for that I think.

what is tron?

Never mind, it’s just what they call the people… “Users”

I think you would use a lifecycle set to (Player Knocked Out), run that to a relay with the settings of Relay To set to (All players on my team), and run that to the popup.

Didn’t work.

Sorry. Make sure you’re on the right team? Also maybe a knockout manager would work better.

I’m on the right team, i’ll do what you said.

It works! Thx!

I know I use the notification all the time so get a life cycle go to its settings make it when the player is knocked out and then make it broadcast something and get a notification go to blocks and click when receiving and enter what you made the life cycle broadcast and then… click on for this device drag out the only code block and go to text I think and get a create text with and then get a text put it at the bottom of the create text with and then go to Essentials grab a triggering player’s name and then there now you have a notification

dang it I was too late too help

I apologize for the false answers, I don’t usually do PVP maps.

?? he said it worked

Just in case someone wants an overcomplicated version of this, I have a guide: The Cassian Guide to Making a Fancy Knockout Notification [Difficulty 4/5 or :red_square:]

I wouldn’t use that because just looking at step 3 that is a lot of code

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Yes. On the other hand, it does gadget used, a random exclamation, and more!

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