How to make a moving sentry

Need help to make a senty move.

You can’t make them move yet but you can activate/deactivate them to give an illusion of movement.

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You can’t anymore, it was a teleporting sentry, but it was patched, I did email josh a while agao and he said its not a thing, but a thing he wishes to do. But as of right now you can’t, you can try to despawn and respawn a sentry elsewhere.
Screenshot 2023-12-14 9.23.09 AM

an you make it spawn in a random place?

No just sentry is there, then it despawns after killed or time, or trigger deactivates it. ANd then you can walk and have a zone or some sort of trigger to activate another sentry in a different spot so it looks like it moved.

use a randomizer

Why use a randomizer?

If you can’t move it can I make go at a random place?


you place two sentrys, just at different places, and one is invisable and one is visable and when you trigger the visable one it despawns and when you move the invisable one will spawn.

Not needed, just think of it as simpler, not super fancy code.

You could make it sorta look like that with zones and sentries. You enter zone and sentry appears so there is a sentry everywhere you go.

Yes that is what I am saying, but you can use a trigger too. Both will work just fine.

Oh yeah, but triggers are tinier.

Why did sentries now take 1000 memory?

Channels would work better because of the vast amount of sentries.
Don’t forget Player Leaves Zone --> (Sentry) Deactivate Sentry!

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That’s only for the first placement.
The rest are 500.

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true, but you can add a timer to how long it will spawn after triggered, and you can place many in the same place to do the same function.

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But I just want 1 sentry per round but it a random place.

I am not sure if you can randomize sentryes per every game, let me look into that.