How to make a "moving" prop (difficulty 1/10)

I would call this difficulty 1/10 as it’s pretty easy, it just takes patience.

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well when I looked at the similair guides, all it showed was help and bugs.

ok I will change it to that

Just put it in a onebox by copying the link.

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I mean copy the link like this.

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Yes, like that!

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Umm…this was flagged?

it’s a duplicate and like spam

Yeah so it needs to be moved, title changed, and solution marked.

no its not a duplicate

people flagged me for spam when I didnt even have any spam on it.

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Since this was flagged, i suggest marking a solution.

Since the topic does not appear to be flagged anymore, I suggest removing the solution. Please check the edits before causing this to happen

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@twofoursixeight how do I check the edits?

After someone edited the topic, the topic became unflagged, so remove the solution that was originally on the topic.


Now its flagged again!?

Why was the post flagged? I thought it would be good to make a moving prop.

There are a lot of guides on this already.

Because there are lots of guides on animation.