How to make a mineable rock (Please Reply With more ideas) [WIP]

maybe! Thanks for replying this! I’ll bookmark this so I can add them in the future
(Amber is not really a rock)

Wow. This guide looks awesome! I really like the way you used the outline for different ores! You’re a genius.

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oh no, should i give it medicine or soup?

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Even though this is a relativity short guide, it still gives so much creativity.

Using another rock as like a text stroke almost for its ore is a genius idea.

Also you could maybe make a magma rock maybe?

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time for a poll, I think!

  • Fluorite Stone - heals minimally when broken - simulates brushing your teeth.
  • Magma Rock :sparkles: BRAND NEW :sparkles: - Deals small amount of damage to nearby gims.
  • Lapis Lazuli - has a deep blue color
  • Peat - used in the olden days as an efficient source of fuel.
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that will be considered.

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BUMP. This is so creative.