How to make a mineable rock (Please Reply With more ideas) [WIP]

I really like how you added this stuff but quick question, what are the numbers at the top?

Ah, the numbers at the top are the Color id for R G and B. Sorry 4 the confusion!

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ooh, that’s cool!

Nice guide! You could use an HTML table for the ores guide at the bottom. I could make one if you want.

i already added one in the topic. But sure, you can do it. @gimkit_h4ck3r

I think its time for a new poll!

  • Jade Stone
  • Marble Stone
  • Flourite Stone - heals you minimally when broken
  • Lapis Lazuli
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Alright! Looks Like Jade has been chosen! Ruby Stone will be added to the guide soon!
Thanks for participating!

Nice guide! The ores kinda look like the ones in Forbidden Islands which is a funny coincidence.


in fact, it is a replica. Do u know who made the forbidden islands game?
i think they have 2 types, a one that heals u when broken, and another which is part of a objective.

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Oh cool! The person who made it is named Greenjump, at least on the Gimkit Discord.

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Is there a problem, @GimSolver???

why did you post a popcat?

Because his pfp is a pop cat.

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Why not use a light shard/gold seed for Gold and a heavy shard for Amethyst?

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Wait…aren’t you Greenjump on the discord?

pls no off topic
(Please Reply With more Ideas)

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quartz? granite? amber?

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