How to make a Military medical tent

Continuing the theme of medical items/buildings/vehicles, I am also continuing my military theme with this guide (A 2 birds 1 stone situation I’m in) without further ado, let’s begin

Step 1.
You will need a barrier, tint it dark green, and resize it to look like this

Step 2.
Get some wooden signs, resize them,` and put them like this

Step 3.
You will need some text, the + and :white_large_square: to be exact, and place them like this

Step 4.
get some grey barriers and arrange them like this (you can also add a black circle barrier for a doorknob if you want)

And you are done, I hope you enjoy! (For now, there is nothing inside of it but more medical-related things are coming soon)

Huh, this weird thing again? It’s probably nothing but don’t read it just in case OK?

File X2

I am writing this 10 days after the first outbreak, the lab is gone, lost to the infection! One scientist got hit, and since he didn’t heal from the last fight, so he turned! I am writing this inside of my safehouse in the lab and I’m trying to find a cure, but it is spreading so fast, it already hit the island of Fishtopia! again, I hope I’m not too late, but how did this happen again…


good job! I love it!
that’s a like from me!

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Ha! Nice guide, I like it.


maybe make the red cross from barriers it would look better!

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i would use a dark green barrier for the roof so you can see the difference between it and the sides.

I will add that right now

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ENGLAND! But really, that way looks pretty good as well. Fits the aesthetic of the rest of the building as well.

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great job, just feel like the red cross looks a little weird