How to make a mess with trashcan

You need a trash can however many cans you want and whatever amount of cans you have, get that amount of item granters
Screenshot 2023-11-29 7.14.03 PM

next you make trash can damageable and then you connect the cans to it and dont forget to make the cans damageable too

now you put whatever you want in the item granters and wire up item granters
I recommend at least adding a fish

this is your finished product. Now just see if when you break trash can the cans appear then when you destroy cans you get granted desired item

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Nice guide!

Hows it 11 out of 10!?


Voted as a joke I presume.


Noce guide! You should probably make it easier to understand.

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Spelling? I don’t understand.

What it’s for, and use the word can less. There’s both cans and trash cans, which makes it confusing.

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Maybe substitute trash can with ‘wastebasket’.

Nice guide! What exactly does it do?

Makes trash fall out of a trash bin when destroyed and grants you items.

ahhhh… that makes sense…

okay if you are being legit about 11/10 then what?! but if its a joke I Dont want that

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Most people do it as a joke…

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It is 100% a joke. There is only one 11/10 guide, How to make _____Land :black_large_square:.

well I want to go by honors system I truly want to know if I explained it right so I added ratings

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That’s good!

11/10 will just probably not happen. Once you read that guide, you will understand why not.

thanks I try to make my guides as clear as possible with photos


Can I rate your guide @Gimkitsuggestor? I might start rating guides…

Do @Blizzy/@Blizzy ratepost to make me rate your guide
If you want. I just kinda want to


@Blizzy /@Blizzy ratepost ???

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I would rate this guide an 8.5/10

You need to correct your grammar, making your guide more clear, easier to read.
You should credit the other trash can guides/they made it before you

What you did good:
You showed good, concise steps that lets new users do well.
You added pictures

Good job, overall!


Flags are coming back to haunt me because some sore people are flagging small things I did