How to make a Mansion

I need help making a Mansion but I’m bad at gimkit art, pls help (I won’t be on for the next ten minutes after posting ,but pls post good Ideas.) :smiley:

drawing one or making one in creative

I’m working on making it for you right now, @Pandapants2000

For doors, do signs wooden or metal rotated on their sides. Then, get two plain circular shields and set them as doorknobs. That’s my best part.

you could take a white fence turn it over to make it look like a latter then put a non visible portal there to teleport them to a different part of the map making it look like they went to the attic or the next floor

I’ll start stuff now :slight_smile:

drawing the outline as if you were looking at it from the outside

oh ok then my idea was useless XD

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sorry DX XD

What I have SO FAR: (Not decorated or anything. Turn off collision on the stairs)

Screenshot 2024-03-12 160015

I need it to look like the outside of the mansion. like I was looking at the house from the road or something.

Ooooooooooooh, ok. Sounds good.

maybe ad a camera view so you can’t see much outside of the mansion and you can focus more on the inside

No, I need a Mansion design

@Pandapants2000, you’re only confusing everyone. Pls SPECIFY to them that you would like it to look like you’re looking at the OUTSIDE of a mansion.

do you start inside the mansion or out side

I want a picture of the outside of the of the mansion like shown in the picture here