How To Make A Loop With Block Code!

Have you ever needed to run the same piece of code over and over with one variable changing? Yeah probably not. But if you ever need to, here’s how you do it!

What you need: A trigger and a property device

Step 1: Get the devices ready

This is probably the easiest step.

  1. Create a property device. This will be what keeps track of how many times the code has looped. Set the property type to “Number” and the starting value to 0. (This may not be necessary depending on the conditional statement you choose. If you want it to be more like a while loop rather than a for loop, this might not be needed)
  2. Create a trigger device. Set “Trigger when receiving on” to a channel name. I used “loop code” Also, there might need to be a delay so that all the code can run fast enough, or it is just necessary in your situation
Step 2: Create a condition

Now create a block in the trigger. First we need a condition to check whether the code should keep looping, or stop. Make sure it has an “else” statement. I just checked to see if the property we made was less than 10.

Step 3: If the condition passes

When the conditional statement passes, it will do something, then loop the code. To loop the code, just call the channel that sends a signal on this same trigger.

This code I have here adds 1 to the property, and transmits on the channel called barrier #. (The # means whatever the property is. It’ll make sense later.) Then it calls the channel to run the trigger again.

Step 4: If the condition fails

This just means the condition has been met, and the looping needs to stop. So, nothing needs to be here! There are some things that may need to be here though depending on the situation. For example, if you want something to happen when all the looping has finished, you could transmit on a channel like this:

Step 5: Do whatever else you need to do

This loop can be used in many different situations, so I can’t put anything specific here. But I can show what I did!
I just made 9 barriers with numbers on them that are not visible on start.

The barrier with a one on it activates when receiving on “barrier 1”. The barrier with a two on it activates when receiving on “barrier 2”. and so on and so forth. (This is why I had the transmit on channel barrier # before. Told ya it would make sense!)
When the button at the top is pressed it transmits on the channel “loop code” This starts the loop and goes through each number and transmits on its corresponding channel. When all the looping is finished, it makes text appear that says “All done!”

This was my first guide made on the forums, so let me know if this made sense and/or was helpful!

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i thought triggers couldn’t loop? It also is worth like 2% of your map when you can use just repeaters. other than that good tutorial

It doesn’t use a repeater. The trigger just calls itself if the code needs to “loop”

I never said it did. I only said that is could be more memory-efficient if you use repeaters

Please Never Use Repeaters (and a guide on looping)

um actually :nerd_face: :point_up:


Ohhhhhhh my bad. But this is for situations when repeaters don’t work. If a property needs to be updated every time the repeater sends a signal, it uses the 300 memory of a repeater AND the 500 memory of a block. So it’s more memory

why not just use trigger loops

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That’s basically what this is, just with more steps. It’s supposed to be like loops you use in coding languages like Javascript or Python

Hasn’t this already been done?

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first off adjusts glasses with an obnoxious snort this only works with a 1 second delay as anything below gimkit can’t handle because it is receiving too many channels.

second off, ten times the efficiency is heavily overexaggerated

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Apparently… I didn’t see it when making the post

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It’s a good guide nonetheless…

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oh my god read before you post

I was JUST deleting that.
Don’t throw an immature tantrum when someone makes a mistake.


let’s not argue here.
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i can’t see whether your about to delete something or not its just that’s like the third time today

Delays of triggers can go below 1 second…


guys, just save it. chub has been creating mini drama in other topics too so just ignore, just ignore…