How to Make a Lobby

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Why are you spam-bumping? You are a quirky little man/woman/other…
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Every time I have nothing to do, I bump a few guides. Also, I am a fish.


You publish it and use that link
That should work

Welcome to the community @Rplayz!
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Welcome to the forum, @Rplayz! I hope you’ll have a great experience here!

Welcome to the forum, @Rplayz !!

Welcome to the forum!

Hey, this forum is not for promoting guides!

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not promotion but tips to every newcomer in need.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: anyways…. This is a great guide, @Coder_Gage !!

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agreed, @The_7th_Dragon!!! Talent is clear.

How do you start a game without testing it out?

You can’t really… press the little button in the bottom right…

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How can you start in the lobby?

For the lobby how do u get the screenshots in the lobby, i no how 2 ad text but not a screenshot.

You can’t out custom images in a lobby. You can, however, use pixel art.”, but it would be very tedious…

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I made this: The not so quick guide on lobbies


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Thanks, I didn’t know how to make a lobby, this helped.