The not so quick guide on lobbies

There are a lot of help posts on ideas for a lobby. So, I thought, I’ll make a guide on it! These will be the parts of this guide:

The basics

For a good lobby, I would recommend making it a pre-game lobby, not a in-game lobby. If you are using a pre-game lobby, don’t add functions or wires. (Unless for decor) You can’t press a button or trigger pre-game. You can add sentries though, as they won’t attack you, and they don’t have a weapon pre-game either. Also, don’t add too many things, because you don’t want most of your memory to be the lobby.

The walls and spawn

First off, you want a text explaining where you are, like: " Welcome to ______!" or maybe this: " please wait for the host to start the game, ________" After you did that, it will be time to decorate! I think it looks better with a wall surrounding the spawn point, leaving a 3 x 3 empty space to spawn.
Screenshot 2023-12-08 3.44.17 PM
Now, place a larger space around it, this will be the walls of your lobby.

Sorry, the spawn room looks like a 2 x 3 square.
Now, place the spawn pad, set it so it only spawns players in pre-game, remember, you can see the spawn pad if the lobby is set in pre-game. Now, you have to decorate the place.

The decor

Okay, we have a empty space with nothing in it, we have to decorate the place. First, we have to add floors, if you didn’t already. I would recommend using boardwalk or lab floor. Also, this looks so much better if you use layers.

Now, add props that fit with the theme of your game, a game set in the future would have space beds and rovers. A game set in medieval times would use a lot of the new medieval props. You get the point. I’ll show you a medival lobby example:

DONE! I hope you enjoyed my guide and it helps you. (P.S: I forgot the spawn pad and i’m too lazy to delete all the photos just to add the spawn pad) I know I have a lot of idea guides, but i’m trying to find new guide ideas all the time! I can’t think of a tag though, because it’s not a idea catalog guide, nor a idea guide. If you can think of a tag, let me know in the replies.


Nice guide!

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Thanks @Aubec7!

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Nice guide, @gimmaster12345!

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Nice guide! Since here aren’t very much guides on how to make advanced lobbies this will help others a lot!

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