How to make a lives system

Heyo! I Don’t think that there’s a guide on this so I’m gonna make it.

*What you’re using to decrease the lives
*1 counter
*1 team switcher or end game

Ok so wire What you’re using to decrease the lives to the counter. I would recommend using zones, espiacally tag zones. Have the target for the counter be however many lives you want. Wire the zones and the counter to be like this: When player tagged or Player enters zone - Increment counter. Have the team switcher switcher to spectator mode, or wire the counter to the end game. Hopefully this helps!



Noice guide but remember, [ 📢 PSA!] Pictures are powerful!


well at least he tried :man_shrugging:


This system works great!

BUT! how could I specifically tie this to teams? So let’s say I have 3 teams, and I want Teams 1 & 2 to have 3 lives per player, and Team 3 to have only 1 life. Thoughts?

why do people keep forgeting PICTURES

I didn’t make this guide

So here’s what I wound up going with for the lives system;

But! The issue becomes how does the game know when a whole team has been set to “Spectator” and ends the game.

Right now, this setup just says, when someone runs out of lives (each player has 3 lives) you are switched to spectator.

Thoughts anyone?

Better than what I did

search up live player counter

It’s really mean’t for single player games