How to make a live player counter that ends the game at 1 player! 2/10

yeah, i have the same problem as brxgl22, @potato1, it wont end, but it ends when the host is alive, and the last one not on the spectator

yeah the host death issue is a issue that is pretty difficult to fix, I can tell you how tho

oh, ok, I’ll be ready for that

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Uhmmmm, what is the lifecycle device for?

A Lifecycle device is used to trigger actions when something important in the game happens (ie - when game starts, person enters late, etc)

No, like in this case.

Oh lol I think they meant to have it set to game start and wired to repeater?

bro this guide is really good it helped alot
tho i suggest you add a full material list cuz it confused me a bit

@Beluga_Whale read more carfully

didn’t even work for me

I went through and tried this 4 times, triple-checking everything and it never worked. I’m mad.

Sorry, it was my bad. I forgot to add the property. Sorry, it worked great THANK YOU!!!

Yeah, that doesn’t have the repeater on it.

how would you end when there is one person on a team left