How To Make (A Little More Advanced) Interaction Button!

I Know People Normally Just Use Buttons For “Interaction Type” Aspects Of Their Maps, So I Made This Guide! Buttons And Triggers May Be More Convenient, But This Just Gives A Little More Detail.

Step 1: Zones
First, Place One Zone Wherever You Like, Make Sure That You Dont Change Any Settings In The Zone (Other Than The Size, Which You Can Make However Youd Like)! Next, Copy The First Zone You Made, And Spread It Over The First Zone. Make Sure It Is The Same Size As The First!

Step 2: Game Overlay
Then, Make A Game Overlay, Make Sure It Is A Button, And You Can Name It Anything You Want, But I Am Just Naming It “Interact” For Time Reasons. (In The Game Overlay Settings, Make Sure That The Scope Is Only Affected By The Player.)

After That, Use These Connections!
Screenshot 2024-02-28 5.41.11 PM

Step 3: Customizing
After That, You Can Connect The Overlay To Whatever You Want! Like A Popup Or A Notification!

Explanation: So, After You Complete All The Steps, When You Walk Up To The Area To Placed The Zones, A Button Will Appear On Your Game Screen. You Can Click The Button And Whatever You Set It To Do Will Happen.

Thats All, Bye For Now!


Good guide! The normal buttons were getting a bit boring anyways!

I’ll definatly use this in my map!

(I read fast)

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I see. Hm. Nice guide, and I applaud the effort.
What purposes do you think this could have?

Making maps like among us more accurate to the game, with buttons popping up in corners.

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Ok, great. That’s all I wanted to know. Some people get mad when I ask that question, because they assume their guides are automatically relevant. To me, all guides need to be actual uses in some way.

Need to HAVE actual uses in some way

(That was bugging me, sorry)

That’s alright, and true.