How to make a Level Selector

As you probably know, @McDonaldsCEO has made guides about this, but they weren’t that specific. Now, let me break it down so this will actually affect how hard or easy your game is.

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Choosing the Level

Now, make players spawn into a small box, something like this:

Now, wire a Lifecycle to a Popup, asking the Host to Select a Difficulty Level. Make each Popup something like this:
Title: Select Difficulty: Easy
Content: Weaker Sentries, Stronger Weapons, More Health
Primary CTA: Yes
Primary CTA Channel: EasyMode
Secondary CTA: Next

And Wire them together by their second CTA. Similar to making a Popup Shop, just with difficulty levels.
For example, for a Hard level, it would transmit on “HardMode” if the Primary CTA is pressed.


Of course, you must have NPCs - Sentries - someway in your game!
Have sentries that activate on each channel, with different accuracy and difficulty for each, the Harder the mode, the stronger the sentries! They can have more health, stronger weapons, all that! Make sure to deactivate all the unwanted sentries if you select a certain level!


Make it so that, every Game Start, you start with only 1 Health and 1 Shield. You can do this by making your Max Health and Shield 100, and starting with 1% of each.
Have a bunch of Health Granters. For Easy Mode, you could grant like this:

For Hard, you could do something like this:

For more specific amounts of Health and Shield to Grant, be sure to use separate Health Granters, one for Health and one for Shield.


Do you have a spawn area for when really start the game after you’ve chosen your difficulty? Well, you need different types of weapons, right? Have a property that is your Difficulty level. Choosing your Level should set your Property to your Difficulty type.
Now, have a zone in that “spawn” room. Make sure it deactivates after you leave it. Wire your Zone to a trigger that checks the Property. If the Property is set to “Easy”, grant a Legendary Weapon, if it’s “Hard”, grant a Common Weapon, etc.

This guide does not exactly explain everything about making a Level Selector; It explains the concept, the thought, all that. Making the mechanics is up to you.
If you have any questions, I have answers for you! Be sure to leave a :heart:!




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Thanks for the credit, also great guide! You took an idea and made it a possibility! Good job!

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if the dld update comes out, you could hide or show props and disable checkpoints depending on the difficulty because that update fits it

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Cool guide! there’s been lots of help posts about this recently so, helpful!


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If you respawn, you’ll need to add the Health Granters again, if not… Well, you’re dead!


You could also add regen upgrades or make them scale with the Difficulty.