How to make a leader board so it could show up in game

I dunno how to make a functioning leader board that can show up in game during game

It should be a default setting in your map. You will have to tell it what to track though

Go to map setting and turn leaderboard on, and click L in game to show leaderboard.

like in the place your playing in like a sticker that switches

What do you mean by sticker?

It will appear as a button in the top right, the end of the game, or by pressing L

like its sticked into the place you wanna put it so every one can see it

Like the one in Tag Domination?

If you want it like tag domination, just use the default leaderboard. You can edit it by going in the map options and clicking on the score tab

No, like the board down near the bottom that shows a winning player.

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like this Screenshot 2023-09-05 5.12.54 PM

You have to put it on a seperate line to show. Like this:

like this
(insert screenshot here)

Screenshot 2023-09-05 5.12.54 PM

that shows the leader board

Oh, so it’s like an area in the map with the leaderboard? What do you want it to show?

exactly!! you got it

like a space that you can put a leader board

What do you want to have on the leaderboard?

number of knockouts, and all that

As for knockouts, connect life cycle set to “player knocks out player” to a counter. Make the counter track a property. Make sure to place a property device and set it so that property is a number property.

Btw, is there a maximum amount of players for your game? If there isn’t, the block code might pass the limit

(Don’t mark this as a solution, this is only how to get started with this method)