How to make a item the winning item

can you make a certain item to where if you find it you win the game?

inventory item manager
wire to end game
when item enters inventory end the game

how do you do that? i am only 10 yrs old so i am pretty new to this creative.

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the item manager is set to when item picked up in wires, the end game device ends the game, set the item manager to track the item.

ITM can’t wire to end game just so ya know

I made a screen recording of how you can make this system. I used a banana as the item you need to get, but you can set it to whatever you want. You can download the screen recording here:

Step by step instructions:
First, create a inventory item manager device. Set the item to manage to the item that you want to make end the game.

Next, create a property device and set the property name to “gotEndGameItem.” Set the properties type to number.

On the inventory item manager, go to the properties tab and set update property to “yes” and set the property to update to “gotEndGameItem”

After that, add an end game device. Then, add a wire from the property device to the end game device and set it so that when the property value changes, the game ends

Now, when the player collects a banana, the game will end. How this works:
When a player gets a banana, the inventory item device will update the “gotEndGameItem” property. The “gotEndGameItem” property device is wired to an end game device, which causes the game to end when the value of the “gotEndGameItem” property changes(which happens after someone gets a banana)