How to make a Item Dispenser for a Bedwars map [🟩] or 2/10

what’s TL1 mean

Trust lvl one

no offense kinda low effort and can definitely be made simpler and nicer needs more pictures also bedwar item dispensers are a lot smaller.


how many pictures do you need!!!

Although there’s already a guide on this, they used a different technique other than from the first ones.

Nice guide, though! You should maybe still give credit to the person who made the first item dropper.

there are other item dropper tutorials on here?

as long as you said and put this guide in your own words, you don’t need credit.

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I think this is?


oh I don’t ok.

Am I the only one, but How is this 7/10…

sorry, this is not a 7/10. things that are 3/10 or above use blockcode and stuff. this is more like a 1/10!

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nice first guide @Nature_Boy_Drama16! :wink: I rlly like it!

@Nature_Boy_Drama16 Please change the difficulty. This is not a hard guide. It is just some laying-down-terrain and some EASY DEVICES!!! It should be 3/10 or lower!

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I put 4/10 so somebody in here had to of changed

I changed it to 2/10. It was 7/10 originally

oh well I mean to put 5

also what color is 5

it’s not a five level guide

but i think yellow

ok thank you!

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