How to make a Item Dispenser for a Bedwars map [🟩] or 2/10

This is my first guide so I really hope you enjoy it

Build a room whatever size you want

So this is going to be a 5x5 square made out of boardwalk

So this little area right here will be 2 down counting the one from those 2 down it is going to be 5 across

Basically the same thing but it is on the left 2 down counting the one from those 2 it is once again going to be 5 across

Then starting from the 5 across on the right it will be 6 down

Starting from the 6 down it will be 4 across then repeat that whole entire thing on the other side

So i’m doing bronze, silver, gold, and diamonds so for the bronze I used dirt for the silver one I used Dungeon (Gray) then for the gold I used a barrier and dried grass and for the diamond I used Frozen Lake

So for the barrier color use this specific RGB code (R : 255, G : 215, B : 0) and also change the transparency to 0.50

Then for the devices so you want some more barriers no specific colors just brown, gray, yellow, and light blue

And then you wanna get 4 item spawners (if you are doing bronze, silver, gold, and diamonds like me) one that is bronze seed, one that is silver seed, one that is gold seed, and one that is cyan seed (make the barriers big enough to where you can’t pick up the seeds when you stand right beside it and also make the barrier’s transparency 0.80) and also make them active on game start

Then when you have the barriers down place 4 buttons and name one buy bronze for free, now name the others buy silver for 20 bronze, buy gold for 60 silver, and buy diamond for 200 gold (or whatever prices you want)

Place the buttons in your room (I would recommend at the bottom right corner)

Then place 4 vending machines and make the prices to buy silver for 20 bronze, buy gold for 60 silver, and buy diamond for 200 gold (or whatever prices you want) (and put visible in-game to no… buy the seed for a certain amount) and also leave granted item blank and then hook them up to the barriers and put (Item purchased🡒Deactivate barrier)from every one of them and then you will get something that looks like this

Dude, why’s there nothing in here.
Maybe add some stuff?
Or is this still a wip?

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I literally just made this

make sure you don’t copy an already made guide

I a’int it’s my first guide

There’s literally nothing in this guide… Also you are TL1 so you only have 1 day to finish this


I’m in-game right now taking pictures to make it

what’s TL1 mean

Trust lvl one

no offense kinda low effort and can definitely be made simpler and nicer needs more pictures also bedwar item dispensers are a lot smaller.


how many pictures do you need!!!

Although there’s already a guide on this, they used a different technique other than from the first ones.

Nice guide, though! You should maybe still give credit to the person who made the first item dropper.

there are other item dropper tutorials on here?

as long as you said and put this guide in your own words, you don’t need credit.

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I think this is?


oh I don’t ok.

Am I the only one, but How is this 7/10…

sorry, this is not a 7/10. things that are 3/10 or above use blockcode and stuff. this is more like a 1/10!

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nice first guide @Nature_Boy_Drama16! :wink: I rlly like it!