How to make a infection game like snowy survival

You will need these devices:
1x Lifecycle
1x Team Switcher
1x Item Granter (Optional)
Get all these devices out before you start the steps.

  1. Open the lifecycle settings and set the event to “Player knocked out”
  2. Wire the lifecycle to the team switcher (Event occurs - Switch player to configured team)
  3. Open team switcher settings and set the switch strategy to “Specific team”
    And set the device to swap to any team you want as the infected team.
    BONUS: Wire the lifecycle to the item granter (Event occurs - Grant)
    Open the item granters settings and:
    Set the item to grant to any item you want the infected to use.
    Set it so they get 1 of that item.
    Set the grant strategy to “Don’t Grant”
    And your pretty much done! Anything you want to say? Say it in the replies! Thanks and goodbye!

This is a great guide, @JohanGim ! Maybe you should add more pictures tho.

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Good guide! I’m a newer user, and just by reading through, I can clearly understand this guide. It’s pretty good! I can see myself using this guide when making a infection game mode.

there’s a lot of guides on this already…