How to make a House (EASY STEPS)

1.Start by adding blocks from props.
2.You can customize the wood blocks to ANY COLOR
3.The house can be any sized shaped.
4.And that’s how you do it like mine!

You can decorate it any way you want too.
Adding props like blocks.

Hope this helped!
Please do not edit without my permission

This is really short and not very necessary. Is there anything you can add

Short like @TorontoBulls1 said…maybe add more steps?

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You can maybe add props to the design.

With the amount of house guides there currently are and the lack of detail you need to make a lot more steps. Adding props to your design can be one of those steps

Ok I’ll add more steps.

Remember when making an art guide:

  1. Will people use this?
    2.Is this guide complicated?
    3.Is this a guide, where you include instructions with colors, props, etc.

Also make sure to search before posting (or drafting)

There is two step 2’s
That rhymed

Oh yeah… I fixed that :sweat_smile:

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Yes I know that this is just a guide for more new users and these are easy steps.

Well not being rude…
but honestly I think new users will already know how to do this…

this can stay if you add

  1. clearer skeps
  2. ways to customize this
  3. more details like windows and perhaps the inside

Aside from this being a short guide I like what you used as a chimney!!

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Thanks! Remember this is a design.

cool house @WhiteGod

are short guides a tend now? they seem to be everywhere

not really… but im not up to write an essay about it tonight
(why am i still awake ._.)

haha, very good question, maybe you should look into that

After you get some sleep

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Nice guide! :grin:

just get a text box and put in the house emoji and then make it giant and turn on collision