How to make a Hotel: 2-D Art

In this guide, I will show you how to make a Hotel for town role play games and open world games.

Step 1

Make 2 rectangular barriers, one shorter than the other, and layer them as such. Change one to a light tan, and the other to a dark tan (or light red, dark red, etc).

Step 2

Take two rectangular barriers and two circular barriers.
The first, bigger circular barrier, color red, and layer at the bottom. The second barrier, color the same as Step 1’s upper rectangular barrier (ie. Tan). The two rectangular barriers should match the larger circular barrier, and be the same size (see image).

Layer as in picture: (bottom-top) step two large circular barrier, Step one large barrier, step one small barrier, Step two small circular barrier, step two rectangular barriers

Step 3

Now that you have the basic shape, time to add the details. You need:

  • 4 rectangular, blue barriers (only necessary if window emoji is clear)
  • 2 rectangular, dark blue barriers
  • 4 stone column
  • 1 Red Circular barrier
  • 4 Texts : emoji: window

Place items as shown. All should be top layer, with the exception of the red, circle barrier. This should be just under the smaller tan barrier from step one.

Final Step

Lastly, add a Text Box for the name of your hotel or the big letter H. You can add bushs or trees for extra detail

You can make it as big as you want!


noice guide (yes i read that fast)


Please remove the advertisement from your guide. It might get flagged.

Sorry…. In my defense what are you doing looking at the SUPER SECRET STUFF?

Nice art! Making the inside of the hotel would be much more difficult…But I like the outside!

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I love it! I would have a ball designing and decorating the inside of the hotel.

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cool art guide! you could also put a teleporter inside so it seems like you actually go inside it.

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Yep! That’s the plan!

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Nice guide!

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There are a lot of guides that do that though…

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i know, i wasn’t saying they had to make a guide on that. it was just a idea


Yeah, they were making a suggestion for the game I am making, or to update the guide, not to make a new guide all together.

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Oh, I know the second part of that.

Nice hotel! It looks really good!


Hotel bump

YEp, i was in need of a place to sleep when i BUMPED into this awesome hotel!

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