How To Make A Hologram

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to build a hologram.
(Yes I am currently aware that there are many other tutorials on this but it is mine!)

Step 1:
Screenshot 2024-04-29 8.27.35 PM
You are going to place just a normal Crate or Storage Container, your choice.

Step 2:
Screenshot 2024-04-29 8.28.05 PM
You are going to place a normal cone and turn it upside down and tint it black (Any color black IT DOESN’T MATTER)

Step 3:
Screenshot 2024-04-29 8.28.19 PM
The place a barrier

Step 4:

Click on the barrier and change the shape to circle and tint the color cyan.

Step 5:

The change the Alpha to 0.50 and the border to not show.

Step 6:
Screenshot 2024-04-29 8.32.37 PM
Then layer the barrier over the cone and change the size and then move the barrier over the cone.

Step 7:
Screenshot 2024-04-29 8.33.06 PM
Then place a Item Image.

Step 8:
Screenshot 2024-04-29 8.33.16 PM
You can change the Item to whatever you want but have NO outline on it. I promise you it will look very werid.
And then just layer it over the barrier and cone and there you go it is complete!

And there ya go you have finished your holo-gram!
Screenshot 2024-04-29 8.34.05 PM

I hope this helped you atleast a little bit :slight_smile:



the guide should have I don’t know?


I could work with that


There’s really just a list of things to make the hologram ._.


can you show in screenshots each step (and instructions?

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Nice guide, if I were making it I would use a different prop for the base of the hologram. :monkey_face:


thats actually so cool!

but yeah, add the instructions


ya instructions would be nice but i think the picture kinda explains it

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you could also make the cone, item image, and barrier more transparent, so it looks more like a hologram and not solid. this is pretty cool tho

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Picture explains it mostly but just show idk like layers, color for the blue circle.
Just show step by step

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There’s already a guide on this, but ig this one is different

No, this guide is fine.

Notice to everyone,
Choose whatever color you want.

I’ll try it!

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I am confused by your comment

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Yeah it is pretty simple not that much lol!

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Yeah lol!

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Absolutly! Gimme a little bit and you’ll have it.

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Thank you! What is that prop?

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Thank you :slight_smile: Will do soon.

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Yeah it is 4 blocks. And yes! I very much agree!!!

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Really the layers are kinda useless because there are only 4 blocks and you can really just see it by yourself.

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Yes there is but yes mine is diffrent because instead of getting praise I am getting feedback.
Which is not bad I’m just learning :slight_smile:

Note to everybody:
I am not trying to crowd and waste space on the forum and so I just put it all together.
Thank you everyone for your feedback :grin:


for foxies:

there is no instructions. Take it this way. A Lego set. Let’s say it’s a couple pieces, I don’t know, lets say 27

Am I suppose to just eyeball a Lego set and hope for the best? No, we need instructions!

also foxies comment is the same as DXCTYPES

It’s just one has a compliment

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i have something very similar and the same… CODE=INVALID!!



oooo thats cool!

btw ur name is showing

lol thats fine (unless its against guidelines?)
is it?

Let me consult the TOS :nerd_face:

and nope, it’s not not allowed. If your confused, basically, yeah, your fine if your name is showing.

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