How to make a highly detailed crashed helicopter difficulty: 0/10⬜️

This is part two, if you haven’t seen part one, this is the link: How to make a highly detailed crashed helicopter(pictures): Difficulty 0/10 part1: the tail

I am very sorry if this guide was hard to follow, but I was kinda too lazy to do a detailed explanation. I hope this helped though!


hehe funny crash go boom
cool guide


woah this looks really cool! although 8/10 is not an accurate difficulty rating, as this is an art guide.

I figured only putting pictures made it a bit harder, what would you say the difficulty is?

Nice guide! If you were making like a war map, that would be EVEN MORE AWESOME

originally, I made this to help someone with one

most art guides are 0/10, but if you think its harder, then i would say 0/10 - 3/10.

this? Can someone make me a crashed helicopter

yup, although they haven’t responded

Wow… Just as I was looking through on how to make a crashed vehicle, this showed up! Great guide! Also, the smoke looks great!

Thanks! I hope this helped you out!

Nice Guide! Perfect for war games.

wait wut is the green gim doing next to the chopper?
(that means theres a lot of detail.)

I am gonna start doing jokes when I bump
What did the fish say when he bumped into a wall? *Dam
*This is not a curse word, the fish realized what he ran into.