How to make a Healing Zone (Difficulty 🟨 or 3-4)

In this Guide, I will be making a zone where you heal overtime when you stand in it. I will also show how to just make the whole map like this. I will be making a first aid room, where anybody standing in it will naturally regenerate health and shield every second

What Devices You Will Need
2 Triggers
1 Zone
1 Health Granter

Making the room
First, build the room/place you want players to regenerate in, and place a zone that covers the room

Next, place 2 Triggers.

Now, configure both triggers settings like this:

Visible In-Game- No
Trigger By Player Collision- No
Active Scope- player

Now take ONE of the triggers and change these settings in it

Delay- However often you want the player to regenerate health
Active on game start- No

I will call this trigger the grey trigger for simplicity, since the orange on this trigger will turn grey
Screenshot 2024-02-21 at 8.19.35 PM

Next, connect the zone to the grey trigger with wire, and set it to this:

Next, connect the zone to the orange trigger, and set the wire to this:

Now, place a health granter

Configure the settings like this:
Amount- how much health you want the player to gain every time health is given
Grant type- what you want the player to regenerate(will work with any of the 3 options
Leave the “Grant when receiving on” BLANK!

I configured my settings like this

Now, wire the two triggers together like this:

![Screenshot 2024-02-22 at 3.58.34 PM|596x500(upload://9V2uTfLQ8Q22MDHre8mAjjpyNMS.jpeg)


Now, wire the orange trigger to the health granter:

Now, go back to the zone, and change this setting:

Go to the grey trigger, and change this setting

(This makes the player stop healing when they leave the zone)

Making the map like this

If you don’t want this to just be a zone, follow these additional steps:
1:Remove the zone

2: Set the grey trigger back to “Active on game start- yes”

3:Get a lifecycle device and a relay device
(The default settings are good, don’t change anything)

4: Wire the lifecycle to the relay

5:Wire the relay to the one of the triggers

I recommend setting the delay of the trigger with a delay much higher, since players are regenerating naturally without being in a specified location

Thanks for reading, this is my first tutorial😉

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thanks this helped me alot

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I really like this!
Can I use this in my map…

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You can use this in your map

Thanks! I really like how you made a loop with the triggers

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This is part of a bigger project I’m making, and I thought I should make a guide for it

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whts difficulty yellow mean?

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