How to make a Hallway Jumpscare! [EASY!]

Here’s how to make a Jumpscare for your horror maps.

Step One, put four sentries and set them to these settings.

Step Two, make two of the sentries team 1, and the other 2 team 2

Step Three, put a thin zone in the hallway

Then, wire When player enters zone, activate sentry to all sentries

Step Four, copy the zone and space them apart about this much

Step Five, hook up an object/sentry to appear on the second zone

Here’s what it should look like:

When the players walks in, they activate the sentries with evil eyes, making a loud sound, and by the time the sentries shoot each other, the player reaches the object spawning zone.
Hope this helps! (This is my first topic so it might suck)


Change where it says.

To My first Guide. Great guide

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Thank You! I’m really glad that the guide was good.

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maybe instead of a second zone wire the first zone to a trigger with a delay then wire that to the prop

also welcome yo the forums

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