How to make a good recreation of any fnaf game!(🟩)

hi guys!! it’s spydecraft, today i will show you how to make a identical version of any fnaf game! plz subscribe to my youtube channel to get 500 subs.

ok so first search this website called sketchfab, make an account if you don’t have one,if you do it should look like this👇🏻

then look for the fnaf game you want, in this case i will search fnaf 1 and it will look like this👇🏻 and click this one if you are doing the same map

then open it and it should look like this :point_down:t2:

and compare it to this👇🏻

and that’s how i made five nights at spydecraft’s and i will make a guide of how to make to how to add multiple nigths in your game

spyde out!!!

ok but:

  1. this isn’t a wiki, so resources is kinda redundant here
  2. fnaf maps are not allowed
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Uhhhh is this allowed?