How to make a god mode healing button

This isn’t just a healing button. It is a continually healing button. You can have it heal you 25 health every 5 seconds for 30 seconds or whatever other values you want. It heals you over time instead of 100 health instantly. It can get O.P. quickly, just as a warning.

Here is how to build it:

Materials Needed:

  • 1 Game Overlay
  • 1 Health Granter
  • 1 Repeater

First, go into the Game Overlay and add these settings:

Now go into the Repeater and add these settings:

Lastly, add these settings for the Health Granter:

Now for the wiring.
Wire the Overlay to the Repeater like this:

Next wire the Repeater to the Health Granter like so:

And now you’re done!
For reference, I used this and stood in front of 16 sentries with Legendary Blasters and I survived the whole 60 seconds without taking hardly any damage.


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